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Tiny, mommies little Baby at the Holden Park

I love him, he came to my life in 2002, and it’s a funny story. My mom and I shared an apartment when we moved to West Palm Beach from Puerto Rico in the year 2000, we were suppose to live together until her husband came from Puerto Rico (thankfully the pedophile, cheater, pot head never moved here, instead he broke off with her, another blessing) so anyway, one day she came home with this tiny little dog, we already had a cat and the landlord forbade pets for starters, so you can imagine my fury, I was like “oh no you don’t, we have enough shit hiding the cat and me cleaning after it”.  I was the one who kept the place clean; my mother was not a cleaning guru.  So she was “oh no; he is so cute and I brought it for Pebbles” (my 4 years old niece who lived with us at the time) she wanted a doggy.  I was so pissed, my mother was a stubborn ass LOL (like mother, like daughter) and insisted, so in my anger I said to myself ; “I will bring rat poison tomorrow and kill him, when she gets home from work, I’ll just say he was foaming of the mouth when I got here” honestly, WTF was I thinking?  Anyway my niece shared my room and was all over it; with the mutt I already despised and intended on killing, (in my mind that was) but she kept bringing him to me, playing with him in my bed and of course we all know what happened “I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM” that same night, that pink little nose, his yellow eyes, his cinnamon colored hair.  He was a mix of a pit-bull and a pug, we named him Tiny (at my niece request) and the next day instead of rat poison; I came home carrying, his collar, leash, toys, treats, shampoos, bowls, dog food, etc.  Later on my niece was taken away from us by her mom and I kept the dog with me since her mom wouldn’t allow pets, every day after he has lived with me  for which he became mines and then my nieces dog and I call it the best gift my mother has ever given me, I don’t know what I would have done or been without this dog, he is my son, I love him too much, I do nothing without counting with him first.  I cook for him because he never took to dog food, I noticed early on; that he wasn’t eating well and I tried giving him chicken breast instead; since I seen he ate that, from that moment on I bought boneless skinless chicken breast and I cook them every night, chop it up into small pieces and that’s his dinner.  On the side I always have his bowl of Kibble and Bits, which he eats but it’s like his snack.  I don’t sleep out of my house in order to not leave him home alone, if I go out on trips I bring a babysitter home to care for him, I prepare all his meals and put them in separate zip locks by day so the babysitter can just pour and warm.  He has never been in a kettle and he is the king of my home, he can lie anywhere he wants.  Actually he sleeps in bed with me snuggled under my pillow, I don’t know why but that is where he likes it.  At the beginning I also bought him a little bed but he started sleeping in it and not in bed with me so I filled it up with all his toys LOL so he couldn’t get in it, granted sometimes he sleeps in his little special corner which is in the floor of my closet wrapped in his own personal comforter.  I love this dog and I’m not sure what I’m going to do when he is gone, I just hope I go first LOL.


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