Words of a Heart In Love

These Palpitations are driving me crazy….

Posted on: June 24, 2013

reflectionToday is actually the first time in 2 weeks that I have not really had many palpitations.  The cardiologist said all my test came out great, there is nothing wrong with my heart.  I got my lab results back on Friday and it appears my potassium is slightly high.  I Google the problems with having high potassium and some were really frightening, apparently having high potassium can affect your heart beat and give you tachycardia and result in sudden coronary death Yikes!!!!  So I’m going to call my cardiologist today and let him know of those results.  Anyway in regards to everything else I am doing well, the love of my life is paying more than needed attention to me, I think this time I’m getting it, maybe I shouldn’t give him the time of day, maybe I shouldn’t be here for him, but I can’t and I have never been able to turn away from him.  Only thing is that this time when it’s over; it’s over and I won’t care, yeah I’m taking his calls, and stuff, and I might even allow a meet, but I’m not kidding myself.   I know where he stands, I know that he is not emotionally available for me and in return I will not let myself be emotional dependent of him either.  It’s more like that piece of cake we eat because it’s there and its good; but we can easily just not want it again for many months to come and not even have a second thought about it.


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